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Fiberglass planters and FRP Planters in USA-Canada

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Fiberglass is a type of material used in the manufacturing of different articles to provide extra strength without increasing much weight. Fiberglass is made from sand. Sand is melted and then cooled to make glass. This glass is then made into thin fibers by stretching hot glass rods made from the sand. These fibers are then woven together to form fiberglass sheets. These sheets are used in various articles like fiber planters, boats, sports goods, etc.

Planters of Fiberglass

Fiberglass provides high performance and lightweight. It less expensive than its competitors like carbon fiber, Kevlar, polyester, etc. hence it is used in high amounts in industries. Fiberglass is exceptionally strong, in instances, it is used to stop bullets. It has a high absorbing capacity which can cut down the impact intensity and reduces damage.

Fiberglass planters.

Fiberglass planters are a must word in any interior designer’s handbook. FRP planters are made by adding the fiberglass sheet in the planter mold. The clay mold, when designed by the artisan is dried until it is a little solid. Then a fiberglass sheet is placed on the inner walls of the planter. Then the planter is again shaped a little more. Then it undergoes sanding (usually twice) where all the small crevices and defects are taken off. Then painting and additional detailing Are done.

FRP planters have an impeccable reputation in the home décor industry. Modern fiberglass planters are available in a variety of options. From small bonsai pots to tall planters for longer saplings. The specialty of fiberglass planters and their distinguishing factor from other planters is their strength. These planters don’t break easily from a fall or two. And they are super light compared to the other big ones. Another unique ability that fiberglass gives the planters is the independence of shape and design. Fiberglass can be added to any type of planters regardless of the pattern on it.

FRP planters

Planters add that aesthetic look and feel to the place and are eye-catching to every visitor. Fiberglass planters along with being elegant are durable. These planters also prevent water leakages. So, these can be used in more indoor settings since mud or clay planters, after some time are prone to water leaking and if placed indoors, can ruin the carpet or the walls.

How to get them?

Fiberglass planters are available in a lot of places like home décor centers, exhibitions, creative craft sales, etc. Recently, many fiberglass manufacturers have started mass producing these planters. That means one can custom order their planter from a specific company or just go to their retailer and pick anyone they like. Several retailers have a successful business in trading these fiberglass planters wholesale. Where anyone can get a greater number of planters at a cheaper price. And due to the competition, sellers provide better designs and patterns on the planters at a considerably cheaper price.

In the USA alone, some huge manufacturers provide fiberglass planters. Fiberglass planters in the USA are available at extremely affordable prices. Planters that are so durable are put to other uses once the sapling grows bigger and is moved to another planter. The small ones are properly cleaned and made into different vase articles. Some stores that provide fiberglass planters are IKEA, Home Depot, National pottery, etc.

FRP planters

Some craft enthusiasts would encourage you to make one yourself. As an activity to do with the family on lazy Sunday’s you can make planters at home. This kind of activity also helps the children in the house to develop some new interest and learn some new things to develop their creativity. All you need is a home pottery set, a fiberglass sheet, acrylic paint or spray paint, some polishing liquid, and sandpaper. With just these basic items, you are good to go. Just make the base of the pot with clay provided in the kit and build upon it until you get the shape you desire. Then comes the fun part that is adding some fiberglass to it. Then painting and shining, which usually the kids willingly volunteer for. And then grinding the border and the surface with sandpaper and that’s it.

Whether they are bought from the market or made at home, planters when added to a living space always change the vibe of the place and give additional points on the aesthetic look. There are even planters that are made based on the plants one desires. Some famous plants for all seasons are Golden sword yucca, Japanese Pieris, Heucheras, etc.