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Art is an expression of what we imagine, and what we feel like. An artist can even paint his saddest story somewhere on the wall as his only best way to express his feelings is that piece of art. People spend millions to buy just a single painting maybe because that painting calms their nerves, or maybe that painting adds up to the beauty of their interior of the house, or maybe to gift it to somebody close to them. The reason for buying the art pieces may be different for different individuals, but every art piece is created by a rigorous hard work and dedication of the artists. Every common man can’t have that creativity which the artists have got.

Well, there are many forms of visual arts, like drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpting, etc. Sculptures may sound historical in nature as it is generally found as old stone figures or ivory figurines, but today as there have been changes almost everywhere, the sculptures art form has also got a modern type known as fiber sculptures.

What are fiber sculptures?

  • Fiber sculptures are made up of some fibrous materials, often woven, knitted, or printed in different shapes.

  • Fiber art is generally said to be started by the women and is often said that fiber art was reinforced with the rise of women movement in the 1960s.

  • The fibrous materials used in the fiber sculptures were traditionally taken from plants and animals; now the synthetic materials are also used to create the beautiful fiber statues.

  • One of the best manufacturers of fiber sculptures is Plutus Art, where one can find the most innovative and attractive fiber statues.

Plutus Art brings you the most exquisite fiber statues you wouldn’t ever have dream of. We create more than what you desire. Moulding the creativity and passion into a beautiful art form is our way of working.

What do we offer?

We have a variety of fiber sculptures available, from fiber Buddha statue to fiber planters, we have them all. If you’re looking for some giant garden statues or some decorative stuff for your newly constructed children’s park, you are at the right place. The other products available with us are fiber statues of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga, and other gods and goddess as well. We do have fiberglass animal statues of elephants, tiger, lions, etc.

It would be best to avail our FRP planters which are available in beautiful sizes, colours, and shapes if you wish to stay close to nature. Decorate your interior by adding the beautiful sculptures by Plutus Art and enjoy the serene surrounding with their presence. Plutus Art will be the best option if you are looking forward to having a finest, durable, and a quality product at your hands.

What process do we use in the making?

As we swear to provide the quality products, we would love to share the process and procedure our craftsmen use to carve out the prettiest fiber statues, with you all.

The below steps explains the process:

  • Confirmation of the order: The first thing that we do is list down properly what the customers are demanding, some demand a giant one, some demand a statue with no colours, every individual has different demands, so we look forward to catering to every individual’s demand. Now we confirm the order once we have listed all the customization asked by the customers.

  • Moulding: We use the finest quality of clay that too after customer’s confirmation and start with preparing the mould for the further process.

  • Fiber casting: The third and the most crucial step is to cast the mould into the shapes desired by the customers.

  • Cleaning: The next step leads to the cleaning up of the casted piece so that there is no mounting defect left in the statue and there’s a complete finishing look in the statue.

  • Primer: We use a primer to give a smooth, soft touch to the statue and to retain the colours for a longer duration. Primers provide a shield of oxygen and water to the statue.

  • Painting: colours add life to even a dull art piece, so here we start with the final painting and colouring of the beautiful statue with all the beautiful bright colours.

  • Drying: We let the statues dry correctly so that it doesn’t give an incomplete look.

  • Customer Approval: The final step is to send the beautiful fiber statue for customer approval.

Why choose Plutus Art?

  • Attractive Quality Products: We neither compromise with the appearance nor with the quality of the products that we deliver you. Our artists use the best quality clay form, and the colours to have an impressive statue carved and delivered.

  • Economical: We charge you the most affordable and economical price for our wonderful fiber statues which wouldn’t stop you from buying them from our place. Currently, you can even get the fiber animals for sale. So rush to your mobile phone and order your favourite fiber animal right now.

  • Skilled artists: The statues are created by the super experienced craftsmen who have been working in this field since long, and so they understand the customer’s expectations very well.

Our Team

We have got the best team of craftsmen and artists who are super skilled and create the finest quality fiber sculptures. They are super smart in transforming their emotions into an amazing fiber statue. Our artists look for every minute details while carving out a statue so that our customers do not have to compromise with the quality and they visit us back again with love and happiness to buy a new one. Our team is always well updated with the present trends and works hard to satisfy the customers.

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