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Along with fiberglass statues and sculptures, we take pride in being one among many manufacturers in fiberglass planters India and providing the best fiberglass planters across the country. Statues and sculptures are something that has been around for a long time. A statement of interior and exterior beauty enhancer, statues, sculptures, and planters are a symbol of beauty, sublime architecture, and culture. Earlier, the statues were made of clay, marble, granite, wood, concrete. Most of these substances are not durable, nor are they strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially sculptures that are meant to be outside. As much as the statues and sculptures enhance the beauty, when it is exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions, the sculpting material is being ruined, and it loses its touch of beauty.

The usage of Fiberglass materials in the manufacturing of statues, sculptures, and planters is slowly becoming popular in the industry. Easier to mold into any shape the statue and/or sculpture is meant to take, and it is as low maintenance as they come. Our team of experts is always looking for providing best statues and sculptures in the lowest price possible, so that anyone who desires to have a piece of the outdoor and interior designing in their homes could have one, without having to worry much about the pricing. Fiberglass sculptures are less expensive than any sculpture made of other traditional materials because the molding process takes less time, and it can be done with the lesser workforce.

Why use fiberglass as the manufacturing material over other traditional material in sculpting?

The one common question that goes on everyone’s mind when they plan on purchasing a sculpture, and they are advised to give the fiberglass sculptures a chance. What is so different and great about fiberglass? Why are more and more people inclining towards the idea of using fiberglass sculptures and fiberglass planters instead of concrete or marble ones?

To answer all these questions in simple words, fiberglass is strong enough to avoid any extensive damage bad weather; it is lightweight, cost-effective, and less expensive. What can be a better deal than buying a statue where you have to pay less yet you do not have to worry about it getting ruined, and also it lasts longer. Modern fiberglass planters are not only easy to carry around when it needs to be placed under the direct sunlight or away from it, but these also look good as they can be designed and perfected in any way so as to match the theme of the exterior and interior style of a home.

Uses of fiberglass in different fields along with the manufacture of sculpture and statues

The use of fiberglass is not new; for the public, it might have only become readily available; however, it uses dates back as early as the 1930s. During World War II, fiberglass was used in place of molded plywood in aircraft to cover the radar antenna, as microwaves can transmit easily through fiberglass without any kind of intrusion. Then it was widely popularised among the public with its use in the making of boats, bodies of the sports car, etc. Its use in sports car bodies was readily accepted due to its durability. Now it is also widely in manufacturing of helmet because of the same reason.

In modern day the use of fiberglass can be seen in objects like storage tanks, traffic lights, water pipes, helicopter rotor blades, surfboards and many more. When fiberglass is painted in any color, it lasts longer, decreasing the need for coloring the object for a long time, cutting down the maintenance cost.

Plutus Art deals with premium quality fiberglass Buddha statues for sale made with the utmost care and dedication that is available for shipping across within the country as well as internationally, handled carefully. Keeping in mind the customers’ demand and requirement, we deal with making the orders so as to meet customers expectation and some more. The preservation of any kind of outdoor sculpture is imperative as they always come in contact with corrosive elements in the air and rain.

While the maintenance of cleaning and keep them looking like a new sculpture cost a high amount, it also degrades the quality of the original materials during the cleaning process. It happens when abrasive materials are used to clean the statues. However, installing a fiberglass Buddha statue instead of a marble or clay ones with the lowest fiberglass Buddha statue price available in the market lasts longer than any other statues with a high price.

Fiberglass Buddha statues look more accurate, as the material is easy to mold into any shape, and the colors are easy to apply. The sculptures are not heavy, as it looks, are easy to carry and lightweight. Which comes with the advantage of moving the statues from one place to another without any fear of breaking it or heavyweight? It is also fire resistant, good electrical insulators, which makes it safer for kids to play around it.

Fiberglass planters:

Plutus Art makes various sized and shaped planters so that it could be fixed in accordance with the environment and place. The various sized planters can be used outside in the garden, in patio and small-sized planters can be placed in the living room. Purchase from a plethora of differently shaped and sized planters from one of the leading fiberglass planters manufacturers to get the best quality planters for your home.

Here are a few advantages of using the fiberglass planters that our team of experts has designed and manufactured:

  • Lightweight: The concrete and metal planters get heavier in weight, the bigger it gets. However, Fiberglass planters that our team of experts design and manufacture are extremely lightweight. If you plant flower or fruit plants that should be in and out of the shade on a regular basis, fiberglass planters are the best option as it can be easily transferred from one place to another.

  • Weather resistant: Since fiberglass is plastic reinforced with glass fiber, it can withstand any kind of harsh weather condition without being damaged. Due to its longevity, fiberglass planters are durable in nature, which the users do not need to change after a few months or a year. That way, the users do not have to spend money on buying a new planter every year or the other. It comes with a low maintenance quality as well. While metal planters will rust from constant exposure to rain and sun, users do not need to worry about getting their fiberglass planters rusted.

  • Holds the coloring in for a long time: Plutus Art provides the best quality fiberglass planters in the market, which won’t lose color over the course of its use. Even when the planters are exposed to extreme UV rays from the sunlight when they are placed by the windowsill of your kitchen for the plants to receive direct sunlight, the color of the planters does not fade away.

The only disadvantage of fiberglass structures is that they are a little pricier than plastic ones. But, the price is not something astronomical. The customers also need to remember that plastic statues and planters won’t last for years and years as the fiberglass ones do. They, however, are far more inexpensive compared to concrete and metal ones.