Fiberglass Hindu Gods

Plutusart has created an assortment of Hindu gods statues made of fiberglass, wherein the fiberglass statues are exemplary in terms of design and execution. The Hindu gods represented by these god sculptures are a 30 feet Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna with cow, colourful Akchala Goddess Durga in various forms, Dakshina Kali, Dancing Ganesha, Ganesha in blessing mode, Ganesha in resting position, Ganesha statue in sand and shiny finish, 5 chali Goddess Durga, little Ganesha in clay finish, Goddess Durga in traditional form, Goddess Kali in various forms, and Goddess Saraswati statue in various poses and finish. You can have these durable and colourful fiberglass sculptures at cost effective rates to be installed in your house of surroundings.

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