Fiberglass Shiva Statue

Fiberglass Lord Shiva Statue

Among the holy trinity of Hindus gods, Lord Shiva is known for his many avatars, calm demeanour, and the fact that he can be easily appeased. The creative artists of Plutusart have done their bit in building beautiful Lord Shiva statues in various forms and sizes. The size ranges from 10 feet to 65 feet that can be installed either at your home or in an open surrounding. Most of these statues come in a meditative posture with a few in standing pose as well. The benign looking fiberglass Shiva statues come in all finery such as matted locks, trident, coiled snake, and deer skin. The very fact that these are made of fiberglass ensures their longevity and protection from elements like fire, sun, moisture, and cold.

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