FRP Animal Statues


FRP short for Fibre Reinforced Plastic (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) is a composition of the polymer matrix that strengthens with the use of fiber. FRP’s are very common aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries due to their strength, elasticity, and heat resistance property.

Our team at Plutus art has studied the advantages of FRP and apply it in manufacturing various projects such as FRP Animal sculptures, FRP animal statues, and FRP planters, etc. due to the advantages of weight reduction, ease in designing and molding it into near-perfect precision.

FRP animal sculptures have many advantages over clay or metal sculptures. It is hard to create a similar sculpture of an animal with any kind of metal, but with FRP, our team of the artist can fix up to the smallest of details. The decorative FRP animal statue at a children’s playground, or park and other theme parks are a great attraction because of how real they seem. It is also durable in nature, and our team takes extra measures to manufacture it harmless for a kid’s screen.

The combination of resin and fiberglass as the main component in FRP makes the composite material easy to bend with no limitation and mold it into any desired shape. FRP planters are slowly becoming a popular choice for interior and exterior designing in residential and office places. It might have to do something with the fact that its heat and corrosion resistant.

FRP planters are environmentally friendly, which means if you grow eatables in FRP Planters, it won’t be as harmful as a plastic planter would be. It is cheaper, faster and easier to manufacture an FRP product, which results in a cheaper selling price of FRP products considered to aluminum or steel objects.

We provide the best FRP animal statues, FRP animal sculptures, and FRP Planters at a cheaper rate but long lasting products.