Fiberglass Sculptures


We at Plutus art provide high-quality fiberglass statues of different sizes from small to lifelike, crafted carefully by skilled artists.  Our team of artists works relentlessly to design and engineer, the fiberglass sculpture to make it durable and long lasting. The use of fiberglass to make a statue gives the artist the freedom of designing it any way they wanted, and that is why we emphasize on fiberglass mostly.

Due to its unlimited flexibility, fiberglass is slowly becoming a revolutionary material in the world of interior and exterior designing. You can use small Fibreglass statues of different things like gods and goddesses in prayer altars instead of those made of clay or any kind of metallic substance.

Fiberglass animal statues are a perfect decoration to put outside in a children’s park, primary schools, play schools, theme parks and other places to help kids enjoy the best experience. The life-size fiberglass sculpture is a splendid showpiece to enhance the beauty of any public or private place.

Due to its durability better than concrete, fiberglass statues and fiberglass sculptures have started gaining popularity among modern artists and art lovers. Our team of experts working on various aspects, engineers working on preparing the fiberglass mold to the shape of the clay that is finalized after the confirmation, experts than start fiber casting, brassing and cleaning. During the fiber casting procedure, makers normally pour the fiberglass into the mold of the sculpture, which further they make it into any statue or sculpture. The next step is to do brassing and then cleaning before they are taken through the coloring process.

Our experienced team of painters then apply the primer after the cleaning process. Applying primer ensures the longevity of the colours on the sculptures. Big fiberglass animal structures are normally placed on garden decoration, so putting a primer before putting on any colour is a must step. Also using a primer protects the fiberglass animal statues from corrosion, rust from any kind of weather condition.

One of the other major uses of fiberglass is in the making of fiberglass planters. With a decrease in the amount of land area and an increase in buildings, fiberglass planters are one of the best solutions to grow any kind of plants. These fiberglass planters can be placed outside as well due to their high resistance to corrosion and their ability to lesser expansion and contraction to heat, unlike metal, plastic, and wood. It is lighter in weight, visually pleasing and cost-effective.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of designers makes sure to design all kinds of structures be it the fiberglass garden statue, fiberglass planters, fiberglass sculptures almost anything and everything of our customer’s preferences. We manufacture these keeping all the safety procedures in mind so that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

The team working with finishing and polishing of the sculptures take extra care of making the end product look not only visually aesthetic but also giving it a high-end appearance. A fiberglass sculpture is a perfect gift to surprise anyone who is planning to or has moved into a new house and is looking for some items associated with decoration.