Fiber planters


The creative design team of our company Plutus art designs Fibre Sculptures that can be used in both interior and exterior decorating component in private and public spaces. The designing and manufacturing team includes various natural fibers in the making of these Fibre statues that not only enhances the beauty of the space but also is safe for nature.

Fiber sculptures and fiber statues are taking the idea of modern art into a whole new level of artistry. Artists find it easier to work with fiber because they find it easy to mold it into any structure they want giving them freedom for unlimited imagination and also putting the same image into life with the fiber sculptures.

Our team consists of experts from different areas that deals with designing, engineer, and molding the fiber into near perfection. Apart from the fact that fiber sculptures are easy to turn into the desired shape and desired size, it is lightweight yet stronger in many aspects than a sculpture made of glass or wood. It is long lasting, and they are available at affordable prices.

The fiber statues are easy on the eyes and compliments the interior of a place. Our team of experts in painting takes extra care during painting so that it does not ruin the style of an office with modern architecture and its aesthetic tone.

We provide best services in the manufacturing of fiber planters, as well. Fibre planter acts as an excellent interior decoration piece to add into an office space. It is light-weight, so anyone can move it easily from place to place. The colours and shapes of these planters are suitable for modern decors. These planters are sturdy and are durable in nature. Our team uses the best of fibers to manufacture these so that plants could breathe as well grow profusely in the planters.

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Our team of experts has taken special care while designing these fiber planters so that it remains environment-friendly and can withstand the heat, rain, and wind.  The idea of creating fiber-based products is to fight any kind of environmental pollution. Our planet is already suffering from the excessive use of plastic, so considering these factors, fiber products are considered as the best alternative in creating innovative things which will provide the aesthetics and will be environmentally safe as well. Contact us today to avail our premium quality services.