Fiberglass Maa Durga Statue 5 Chali

Fiberglass 5 Chali Maa Durga Statue. In the complete set there are Maa Durga, Maa Laxmi, Maa Saraswati, Lorad Ganesha and Lord Kartik. Each statues are separate and beautifully designed by fiberglass.

We sent this complete Maa Durga set in Prantik Puja Committee, Merry land, USA


Fiberglass 5 Chali Maa Durga statue.

Height of Maa Durga statue: 5 feet

Height of Maa Durga statue with background Chali: 6.5 feet

Height of side idols including back chali: 5 feet

Statue type: Maa Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartik will be separate

Material: Fiberglass

Longevity: At least 10 years with color guarantee. Statue will be Fire proof, weather proof, water proof, Dust proof and washable.

Delivery Timeline: 60 days


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