Fiberglass Boul Sculpture

Completely fiber made real life statue. Can be available in different position and color combination also.


Fiberglass real life design Boul (Local Single) Statue.

Fiberglass Ballad Singer Sculpture specification:

The height of the Sculpture: 5.5 feet/ as you want

Total base ground of the statue: 2sq feet/ according to the size of the statue

Material: Imported fiber, resin, and related materials

Thickness: 6 to 8 mm (thickness changes according to its size, metal structure is set whenever it is essential)

Longevity: 25 to 30 years

Color: As per your choice

Delivery time: 50 days

Completely fiber made real life statue/ sculpture.

Category: Fiberglass Garden Statues

Fiberglass real life design Baul (Street Singer) Statue.


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