Fiber Made Standing Lord Shiva Statue


Total Height of the Statue: 8 feet

Base Width x Depth of statue: 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet

Material: Fiberglass with ‘A’ grade quality of resin and nicely build iron structure inside of the statue.

Color Quality: NC Duco Paint with clear lacquer ASPA

Advantage features of Statue:

  1. Statue is weather proof, dust proof, washable and completely Unbreakable
  2. Also mild chemical proof, salt water proof, mild acid proof and resistance from fungus attack


Completely Fiber made Standing Lord Shiva Statue.

This product is an export quality work and inside of the statue have the iron structuring.

Thickness of the Product: 8mm to 12mm

Excellent finishing of work by our Artists and team. We can make the statue color as per your choice. As per the beauty of Statue it’s for sure this Lord Shiva Statue will bring peace and prosper for every one.