Plutus Art, Fiberglass Blessing Buddha Statue

Plutus Art designed, Fiber made Blessing Buddha Statue:

Height of Buddha Statue: 48 inches

Statue Base Width and Depth: 36” x 22”

Material: Fiberglass

Color of Statue: White finish (We can make the statue color as per your choice)

Color Quality: NC Duco Paint with clear lacquer ASPA

Thickness of Statue: 4mm or more as per need



Advantage features of Fiber Buddha Statue:

  1. Statue is weather proof, dust proof, washable, unbreakable and light weight
  2. Also it is mild acid proof, mild chemical proof, salt water proof and resistance from fungus

Fiberglass Buddha Statue specifications:

Fiber made off white finish blessing Buddha statue.

Height of Statue: 4 feet (Sitting Position)

Width of Statue: 3.5 feet

Depth of Statue: 30 Inch

Material: Imported Fiberglass and top class resin, steel frame if required.

Longevity: 25 years, weather proof, water proof, dust proof and fire proof.

Color: As the clients want/ our choice, guaranteed for life.

Delivery time: 25 days

Fiberglass Statues are washable and they can be use in internal and external purposes.

Fiberglass made beautifully off-white finish blessing Buddha statue. We have worked minutely each and every portion of the statue which represents artist’s capability and passion on his arts.

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